Toy Rokit

Mark Rose
Formed in 2013 by Bill Mudge, Chris Nickolls and Mark Rose Toy Rokit's musical patter has developed in this last year with 4 Missions (recorded gigs) and 6 Test Flights (closed door recording sessions) to date.

All their legendary sessions are meticulously recorded because of the organic nature of their music, their 'Carpe Diem' ethos means that what isn't captured at that moment in time is lost to future generations and quite possibly the musicians themselves. Such is the levels of concentration and plundering of inner reserves that the 3 musicians play with that they are unaware of their surroundings whilst playing.

Chris Nickolls
Before playing no one talks of what they will be doing, no one hatches a plan and there is little interaction between the trio whilst in mid flight. There is a touch, a sense of the music shifting and spinning, often within their control but sometimes cascading away from them. Although all three players had conventional instruments at their disposal (Mudge/keyboard, Nicholls/drums, Rose/bass) they also had an array of circuit boards, pedals and technological breakthroughs.

Bill Mudge
Their improvisational music is meandering and inspirational, they unearth long forgotten sentiments which make you want to return again and again. It is as close to gambling as you can get musically and Toy Rokit's live performances could become equally addictive, so watch out!

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