Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ping Pong at Greenhorn Freakatorium

ArtHouse Crouch End
We were all excited and honoured that our film Ping Pong Paranoia has been selected for the Greenhorn Film Festival this year (2014). It was screened at their Animation Freakatorium in the ArtHouse Crouch End. It was a brilliant selection of short and very short films. The production values were high but where money ran low the films sailed along on strong concepts alone. This looks like one of London's little gems that we hope to return to again and again. The backbone of the films came from The Royal College of Art it seems, which must be a hot bed of originality.

Hats off to the organisers of this bijoux festival, their selections didn't contain a dud. My favourite was 'Half Wet' by Sophie Gate which was a malleable masterpiece of surrealism. Some dazzled with visuals like 'The Elephant's Garden' by  Felix Colgrave and others with leftfield stillness like Sarina Nihei's 'Small people in hats'.

Small people in hats by Sarina Nihei
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Music was represented with the stylish video for ‘Fear & Delight’ by The Correspondents, directed by Naren Wilks. The strongest audience response was for 'Living with Jigsaw' by Chris Capel which tickled everyone's cinematic funny bone.

Thank you Greenhorn for a fabulous time.


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