Monday, 22 April 2013

Alban Low & Duncan Eagles' Eternal Art

Eagles and Low's latest film
It's all in the bag.
After several weeks of work we've finished our film 'Eternal Art of the Simulated Mind'. It documents 6 hours spent by Alban in the simulated mental health ward at Kingston University.
A unique experience that is the closest that the project has got to documentary.
It will be screened as part of Alban's exhibition at Kingston University, Frank Lampl Building, Kingston Hill Campus, Kingston on Thursday 25th July from 4-6pm. Come along!

Although it's only 2 minutes long it has a raw edge to it, so be prepared. There's an original score composed by Duncan Eagles and performed by himself and Leo Appleyard. We've added a bit about Leo now on the pages to your right.

A special thanks to psychotherapist Harvey Wells who helped produce the film.

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