Friday, 7 December 2012

ODD film in production

Our latest film in the Murder Minutes series is in production. Once again it takes it's original inspiration from the murder mystery novels of Agatha Christie.
Its not strictly a 'who dunnit' this time and doesn't unravel in linear form. I've concentrated on 11 of the chararcters from the book 'The Pale Horse'. My daughters and I spent a day re-inacting the mannerisms of the characters using only our hands.
For some time I've been wanting to create a film that was influenced by the film NY Export: Opus Jazz, performed by the New York City Ballet dancers and reimagining Jerome Robbins‘ 1958 “ballet in sneakers”. I was deeply affected by the way the music and art flow together and feeds from one another.
In its simplest sense I'm making finger ballet.
It should be finished around Christmas 2012 and then I'll send it onto Duncan Eagles to record the soundtrack.


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